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This is a curated database of various sites, writings and social spaces regarding a series of subjects, including Otherkin, Therianthropy and Real Vampirism. These span more than 20 years of internet history.

The point of this website is not to create a particular history or to try to make it's own summaries, histories or definitions of things, but to show examples of accurate and thoughtful discussion and discourse from a wide range of viewpoints and experiences, and where you can talk about these kinds of things with other people.

This site is also intended to maintain older interpretations and groups of thought in these subjects and to maintain the memory of older sites and places of information alive by linking to them. This database is also being used as a means of tracking data and creating a private archive to ensure that this information remains alive in the future, some of which, may be re-published in the future.

This website is currently showing 349 items.

It is not the intention of the website to suggest that any of groups of people or topics covered here have any kind of similarity, connection or association with each other; they are covered because we want to cover them and because they often have interactions between them and can often share places for discussion.